RoadsideWonders Can Be Sweet

mattie2Mattie Harriet Lyon Sculpture
Confederate Cemetery
Marietta, Georgia
submitted by UrbanDragon (Scott)


Another in a series of great submissions by Urbdragn!

I tend to be snarky here at RoadsideWonders, but I can’t seem to do it this time. Mattie is so sweet that I just want to pinch her little bronze cheeks!

Scott was kind enough to provide the text in the carved book on Mattie’s bench.

Mattie Harriet Lyon, 97, the Mother of Marietta was known for her years of zealous and affectionate service in religious, civic, welfare, and patriotic activities. Her life was dedicated to the service of people of all races.  A true humanitarian, she gave unselfishly through religious and social service work.

Through her inspiration, the Cobb County Welfare Department, the Cobb Country Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Community Chest and other humanitarian agencies were founded. She was President of the Women’s Missionary Society at the First Methodist Church, active in the women’s Christian Temperance Union, President of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the Ladies Confederate Memorial Association.

Other associations included the Civic League of Marietta which later became the Woman’s Club – A charter membership in the Flower Garden  Club and an honorary membership of Marietta Country Club.  She took the lead in marking the graves of the dead in the Confederate Cemetery, adjacent to the City Cemetery.