Get Your Kicks at The Rock Cafe

The Rock Cafe
114 West Main Street
Route 66
Stroud, Oklahoma
submitted by “rats_daor” (Gary)

Gary says:
The inside of the cafe was completely destroyed several years ago, but it has taken the path of the phoenix and risen up from it’s own ashes. Really good German food and buffalo burgers!

wendyvee says:
I haven’t seen The Rock Cafe since I drove out west with my grandparents <mumble, mumble …transmission unclear> years ago! I’m so glad that owner Dawn Welch re-built after the devastating 2008 fire that gutted the interior. 

You may have noticed the large character cut-outs from the Pixar movie Cars in Gary’s photo (above). They are there because Dawn Welch was one of the inspirations for “Sally” (the little blue Porsche 911 in the film)!

fire-damaged 2003 restoration plaque

Have you ever visited this great Route 66 icon? Tell us about it in the comments below 🙂

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