Route 30 Giants – Apple Truck

Giant Apple Truck Replica
2197 Lincoln Way West
(Route 30)
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania


On Columbus Day, I “snagged” one of “The Giants of the Lincoln Highway”. The construction of  5 individual giants, by area technical school students, was mentored by community committees near each school. The committees included artists, local tourism partnerships, and regional business owners.

The easternmost of the projects is a replica of a 1920 Selden Apple Truck  — it is 10.5’ high and weighs nearly 1 1/2 tons!

Shatzer’s Farm Market has been in the fruit and produce business along Route 30 since 1933 and they graciously allowed the replica to be installed on their property.

Yes, I over-sharpened the picture below, but I kinda’ like it that way … it almost makes it look like an oil painting, no?

> Visit the LHHC site for more information about the Route 30 Giants

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