Roy’s Motel & Cafe

Roy’s Motel & Cafe
Amboy, California
submitted by “BooinLA”


Boo says:
Amboy California was once a busy Route 66 town. Bypassed by I-40, it’s now deserted except for a few Mother Road sightseers. Roy’s Famous Motel and Cafe has a second life – it’ll show up in movies/TV commercials as the Creepy Deserted Motel In The Middle Of Nowhere.

wendyvee says:
Okay, so Boo totally made my day for sharing this with me!!! Roy’s is on my ever-growing list of “places to go” – and I haven’t been out West in years.

Learn more about the history of Roy’s (where rumor has it, Harrison Ford semi-regularly drops in for a cheeseburger). Make your own Roy’s fare with these recipes.

Roy’s has been featured in movies, commercials, and television shows. Perhaps some of the best cinema-graphic shots of Roy’s are in Enrique Iglesias’ video “Hero” (cheesy song – though, for me, the video is saved by a Mickey Rourke cameo. Bonus!)