Sam’s Tree House
360 Piedmont Street
Calhoun, Georgia
submitted by “Road Runner” (Bill)

Bill says:
Heard about this while traveling through Calhoun – I was in a Mexican restaurant and the waitress told me about this odd place.

wendyvee says:
Holy Frijole! Bill has done it again! He has a knack for finding the most primo-awesome roadside wonders!

This is the Calhoun, Georgia home of Sam Isaac Edwards — author, humorist, adventurer and (believe it or not) a former campaign aid to both Jimmy Carter and John Glenn. His tree house, built in 1992 and tucked behind a Mexican restaurant that was once owned by a friend, is a multi level wonder that features a submarine prop from a 1960’s Elvis movie, a helicopter, parts of an abandoned boat, an airplane fuselage and more!

View the “links of interest” section (including the official Sam’s Tree House website) at the end of this post for more information about this exceptional home and the man behind it.

When I was growing up here I was a bit of a pain in the hiney. Parents, especially moms, are the ones who suffer most after they’ve mistakenly birthed a nonconformist. During my formative years I heard one phrase so often, that I thought my mom had gone down to the courthouse and had her name changed to, “yourpoormother”. It was stuck to me like a tattoo that folks would read off my forehead. She has always had difficulty, and rightly so, trying to explain what it is that I do. She could hardly keep up with the 50 plus jobs I’ve had over the years, from janitor to soldier to White House Aide. But it was that career aberration that allowed her about two years of solace. During that time, she would initiate conversation about me, instead of heading for the exit at any mention of my name. But she has resigned herself to what now passes for a standard answer in the context of her youngest son, “well, he used to work at the White House, and now he lives in a tree.”
– and excerpt from Sam Edwards February 2010 post: “Living Green in a Treehouse Dream” at The Huffington Post (includes picture of the interior)

I’m chasing down a copy of Edwards’ book  From Outhouse, to Whitehouse, to Treehouse … I’ll let you know what I think of it when I’m finished 🙂


–  Sam’s Tree House website

–  Sam’s treehouse exceprt from Weird Georgia

–  list of Sam Edwards’ entries at The T Post

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