Santa Rows To Town

Santa’s Arrives!
Children’s Lake
Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania

Boiling Springs is a wonderful little town in South Central Pennsylvania that dates back to the early 1700s. The “centerpiece” of Boiling Springs is Children’s Lake (a small lake that was formed by damming the nearby brook, which is fed from 30 natural springs). With a year-round temperature of about 52 °F, it’s like a spa for ducks & geese!

Looking toward the Old Mill Apts. & the bridge over Yellow Breeches Creek. Santa’s entry point will be just a little to the right of this area

On the first Sunday in December, Santa arrives in a boat to greet children at the gazebo on the shoreline. I have been to Boiling Springs many times — in fact, I lived there briefly in the 90s — but this was my first time to witness Santa’s big “splash”. The lake is small, but because Santa crosses after full darkness, it seems as if he magically appears from nowhere! The end of the lake from which his boat launches is completely dark. Thus, even as an adult who knows from where his boat will launch, it comes as a surprise when the flashlights from the boat begin bobbing in the distance.

Facing the floating Christmas Tree on the other end of the lake. Santa leaves the water at this end.

See Santa’s arrival in the video and photo gallery at the end of this post … but if you happen to be close to Boiling Springs next December, be sure to check it out in person … it is hands-down the best way to see Santa come to town! 🙂

Best Photographer in the Crowd
Seeing Santa rowing across the lake is a treat and the reaction of the kids in attendance was well worth braving the bitter cold that rolled in as twilight approached. One of my favorite sites of the night, though, was perhaps the tiniest photographer I have ever seen! Her parents had what appeared to be a very nice high-end digital SLR and I saw her taking photos throughout the night with it (including reviewing her shots on the digital display). My guess is that she and her sister (I think they are twins) were about 3 – 4 years old and she was handling that camera like a pro in her tiny little hands!

2 thoughts on “Santa Rows To Town

    1. I said the same thing to John when I came home (about Santa’s outfit) … it really had a very cool European look to it.

      I really wish I had better video of it; but I’m guessing this is one of those things that works better in person.

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