Savannah Big Cow

moocowjpgBig Cow
Keller’s Flea Market
Savannah, Georgia
submitted by “wendyvee”

This is a giant cow stationed to greet visitors to Keller’s Flea Market in Savannah, Georgia.

If you look closely, you’ll notice she’s “accessorized”

2 thoughts on “Savannah Big Cow

  1. We totally lived by this for 3 years!!!! The market is really just junk b/c they have it every weekend. Off Little Neck Rd about 1/2 mile down on 17….go down past the interstate there is a dairy farm. they have a huge, huge cow painted mail box. you can see it frim the interstate far away! My kids would make us go that way just to see it! (It might be off of Quacco Rd).
    pssdt..this is guppies from Swapbot.

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