Sayford Market Mural

Sayford Market Mural
1307 North 3rd Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg has a great many new murals, thanks in part to the Sprocket Mural Works’ Harrisburg Mural Festival last September. There are also some great new murals popping-up by artists who weren’t part of the project. I intended to post one big “round-up” post of them; but time and weather keep conspiring against me. So, I’ll just begin with this fabulous mural on the southern wall of the Sayford Market in Midtown. This was created by talented stencil artist Ralphie Seguinot (a.k.a. SR81).

I even hesitated posting my image because of the streetlamp shadow “bomb”. To see it in all of its grandeur, check out the excellent drone footage by Toby Valora (a.k.a. Sniffy Tobias) and the mini-documentary by Nate Smith posted below. They are both talented artists in their own right!

Toby Valora’s drone footage just blows my mind. You can see more of his work here. I am so jealous … he has his drone game on lock!

Nate Smith’s video gives you some great perspective on the mural’s creation. Visit Nate’s Vimeo profile for additional vids.

Short Doc – HBG MURAL FEST 2017 – Sayford Market Murals from Nate Smith on Vimeo.

5 Responses to “Sayford Market Mural”

  1. Very cool! I love murals too and I like the street lamp shadow!

  2. Chris says:

    Oh wow. What a jaw-droppingly beautiful piece of artwork. Murals really are some of the best things going on in our cities. Though I noticed the other day that some of the downtown York murals are in sore need of some … revitalization.

  3. Sumoflam says:

    Thanks for posting about this. Next trip to PA I am there!!! Gotta add to my growing mural/street art collection!

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