Scary Granny
Granny’s Motel & Restaurant
Frackville, Pennsylvania


This very scary statue is outside of an equally scary (but interesting) restaurant called “Granny’s” in Frackville, Pennsylvania. Check out the “little girl” clutching a headless doll. “She” looks more like a 30 year old man with his head on backwards ; )

We ate in Granny’s restaurant, the interior¬†decoration¬†therein may be classified as scarier than Granny, but the food was pretty good.

Hot Boy-Toy pictured with statue is Wendyvee’s OM “Slicks”

I took the first photo in the summer of 2005. In 2006, trying to out-ride rain on my way back from a mini-trip to Lake George, New York . . . I spotted Granny’s “new look” from the highway and had to take the exit and get a look for myself. The doll’s head is still missing and Granny is still pretty scary, though she does seem to have a new twinkle in her eye since her “makeover” : )


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