Fabulous Seaplane Diner Sign

Seaplane Diner Sign
307 Allens Avenue
Providence, Rhode Island
submitted by Tony Makalinaw

I thought you might like this… pics of the Seaplane Diner located in Providence, Rhode Island. I made this sign last month for this historic waterfront restaurant.

wendyvee says:
Holy Moley! I absolutely love this sign. Tony Makalinaw is a 3-D sign creator extraordinaire (and he restores muscle cars too … bonus points!) . I have seen photos of the diner before the addition of the sign and I appreciate that he was able to design something new without taking away from the vintage loveliness of the building.

This is proof positive that super-cool signage doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. I love what he wrote on his website:

“THREE-DIMENSIONAL DESIGN… that’s what I love. In my search for the perfect job, I have found it in the one thing that I have been doing all my life. 3-D.” 

Check out Tony’s portfolio.

I’ve never been to the Seaplane Diner myself, so I just added it to my great big “to do” list. Online reviews lead me to believe that I won’t be disappointed 🙂

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