Shoes, Socks, & Undies Flying High!

Amboy Shoe, Sock, and Lingerie Trees
Amboy, California
submitted by “BooinLA”


You may have seen the Highway 50 Shoe Tree here a few weeks ago. Now, Boo brings us a “Garment Tree Trifecta” in Amboy, California!

Sadly the Amboy Shoe Tree has collapsed. There are many images available through Google image search if you’d like to see it in its former glory. ***If you have older pictures when the “tree” was still standing tall, please feel free to share them with me!

Rumor has it, that somewhere near me (in York, Pennsylvania) there is a “Jockstrap Tree” …. I’m not sure if I want to locate it or not 🙂

Boo says:
A couple hundred yards east of Roy’s Cafe lie the remains of the Amboy Shoe Tree. It has collapsed from weather, age, and possibly the weight of all those shoes, but its carcass is still clad in discarded footwear. I love those pink pumps. Someone brought them all the way out to the desert just to leave them here, ya know? Funny.

Quite a bit of footwear is scattered around, including across the highway.
Right next to the old Shoe Tree, there’s a minor attempt to get a Sock Bush going. It’s a pretty weak attempt.

However, another mile and a half east, there’s another attempt at another article of clothing …

… yeah. “The Lingerie Tree” (And it’s growing, people!) Will this be the inheritor of the Shoe Tree’s famous legacy?

I think the desert sun may have addled some brains in this part of California’s barren east, but hey, it’s amusing 🙂

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