Giant Badminton Shuttlecock

Giant Badminton Shuttlecock
Nelson-Atkins Museum
Kansas City, Missouri
submitted by Lynne

wendyvee says:
This crazy-cool giant shuttlecock (or birdie) comes to us via a friend of Lynne’s. You can find it at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, Missouri!

Now we need a giant racket and net! 🙂

links of interest:
The Nelson-Atkins Museum’s shuttlecock page

Where and when was Badminton invented?

More info than you probably need to know about shuttlecocks 

3 Responses to “Giant Badminton Shuttlecock”

  1. What a cool angle for a picture! It sure looks enormous. I wonder whether it’s real? Looks too good to be real. Do you think it could be photoshopped?

  2. Maria Isabel says:

    Wow the balance is amazing, really cool work!

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