Sin City Sindy – Giant Stripper!

Giant Stripper
Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops
Las Vegas, Nevada
submitted by “Kamikaze” and “Butterfly” (Steve & Amanda)

wendyvee says:
“Sin City Sindy” is absolutely my new favorite RoadsideWonder. Sindy recently began welcoming patrons of the new Stripper Bar (not an actual stripper bar, but rather the latest bar & eatery at Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas, Nevada).

Sindy is 31 feet tall and has a “perve cam” installed to catch customers looking up her skirt (as many invariably do). I think she would be the perfect date for my favorite “big guy” here at RoadsideWonders 🙂

Visit Sindy’s website to see images of the design process.

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