Sled Fest 2011 @ The Old Sled Works
722 North Market Street
Duncannon, Pennsylvania


In celebration of the their 20th year of business, the Old Sled Works hosted Sled Fest 2011 on April 30th. Even though Duncannon is just 35 minutes down the road (and l’ve been there several times over the years), it was Mod Betty of RetroRoadMap who clued me into Sled Fest … and I’m glad that she did!

The celebration included live music, a pre-1965 car show, flea market, an old school barber, a pin-up hairdresser, concessions, pin-up style photo sessions … and, of course, all the vintage goodness of  the expansive Sled Works antique mall. Kyle Weaver, co-author of Diners of Pennsylvania (Second Edition) was also on hand to autograph brand spanking new copies of his book.

The venue was the former Lightening Guider Factory (although many mistakenly refer to them as Lightning Glider), which boasts two floors of antiques + memorabilia from the factory, an operational soda fountain, and dozens of vintage arcade games.

What’s even better? You can actually still PLAY many of  the pinball machines and other retro amusements! Hands on … no hiding these gems behind velvet rope. It’s simply Hella’ Awesome!! I’ll feature a number of them in an upcoming post.

I couldnt’ stick around for Rockabilly band, The Garnet Hearts; but I did catch part of a set from New World Order. What they lacked in polish … they more than made up for in enthusiasm 🙂
Inside the antique mall:
a variety of great stuff! I really like the graphic design on the Nichol Kola sign (it was bright white, so I assume that it’s repro rather than original — but mighty cool all the same).
* I assumed incorrectly … it’s actually “new old stock” – check out the comments section below. Even cooler!

I spent some time perusing the wares of this music vendor. It occured to me that this little grouping might be a solid collection to keep in one’s bomb shelter … you know, just in case you need some entertainment for awhile 🙂

These are the best restrooms signs that I’ve seen since the “Mad Men-Esque” placards that I captured at The Hofbrauhaus last year!

Below: a sampling of some relics from the factory (more in the gallery below).
That Master Bomber is … well … “da Bomb”!

Though I’ve met them bothin the past, somehow I missed meeting-up with either Kyle or Mod Betty at this event (I had to have been within mere feet of them several times). I also knew that both Michael Stewart (photographer extraordinaire – see his work here) and Spencer Stewart (of Diner Hunter) were there; but having never met them in person, I didn’t realise that I captured Spencer getting a new coiffure until I returned home later that day 🙂

My next two posts will be the cars from the Fest and the Old Sled Works penny arcade … stay tuned!
Click here to see the Cars of SledFest

6 thoughts on “Sled Fest 2011

  1. What great photos, hon! I took one of the kola gal too! So bummed we missed you in real person- we’ll have to do a meet up where we interview each other for our blogs 🙂

    Thanks for correcting me on the Lightning GUIDER – I totally missed that in my posting of the place last year.

    AND thanks for the post about the Hofbrau Haus- that “Alpine Lounge” sign has me sold! Putting it on my map as we speak 🙂

  2. LOL … I wasn’t referring to you … everyone does it (even the local newspapers). Glider seems like it would naturally be the name for a sled 🙂

  3. Thanks for the nice comments and pics. BTW, that Nichol Cola sign is authentic. It was NOS when originally brought in, which is why it’s so bright. Never was used.

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