Dropping The Lightning Guider

sled1New Year’s Eve With The Giant Lightning Guider
2011/2012 Edition
The Old Sled Works
Duncannon, Pennsylvania

I’d like to start the New Year by making a resolution to catch up on posts. Let’s travel back in time to New Years Eve 2011/2012 and the second of two “drops” that I attended that night!

After Mrs. Pickle rang in the New Year a (little earlier in the evening for area kiddos), I hopped in the RoadsideWonders-Mobile and headed 40 minutes north to the Old Sled Works in Duncannon. There, I brought in the new year with several hundred friendly strangers and a giant Lightning Guider sled.

Duncannon is a small town and I would guess that the overwhelming majority of the crowd knew each other based on shouted greetings and snatches of overheard conversation. “Mr” Roadside and I have spent our New Year’s Eves apart in the past few years — he likes to party — and I like to watch strange objects fall from the towers, cranes, flagpoles and the like. So, generally, I’m at these events by myself. Comically enough, at least 4 or 5 people either greeted me by calling my name (though not the right name, of course). I really need to visit the bank in Duncannon … apparently my doppelganger works there … at least another half dozen or so people asked me if I was the “girl from the bank”.

I was about 90 minutes early for the big event; and as more and more people approached me and greeted me with some other woman’s name it became increasingly amusing. So when the local pastor led the crowd (and I swear I’m not making this up) in a rousing sing-a-long of the Cheers theme “Where Everybody Knows Your Name … I thought I was the object of a bizarre episode of Punk’d. 🙂

Are you ready for Mrs. Pickle’s Big Reveal?? Press play!

It was an interesting night, for sure. Plus, I scored a wooden nickel!