Southside Park Spaceship

Southside Park Spaceship
2115 6th Street
Sacramento, California
submitted by “Butterfly” and “Kamikaze” (Amanda & Steve)


Amanda says:
Every time we’d drive west bound 50 (near the 5 interchange), off to my right I’d see this weird bus/spaceship thingy so I finally couldn’t take the curiosity any longer and we took a bicycle ride over to the area this morning to find out what it is. What a great little gem right in my own back yard!

It’s located in Southside Community Park in Sacramento. The kids play area, where the sculpture is located, is called “Universal Universe” and is a solar system-themed playground.  I wasn’t able to find any information on when the sculpture was built or by whom, but what a cool little addition to a playground and what a great park.

wendyvee says:
Wow! Those kids are so lucky! When I was in elementary school, we were stuck with one of those metal “dome” monkey-bar things. A group of us used to play “Star Trek” at recess. There were some pretty strict rules. Only 2 girls could play …. one could be Uhura and the other could be Nurse Chapel. I remember fighting to be Uhuru; but more often than not, I scored the Nurse Chapel gig.


View a map of Southside Park (pdf file)

Southside Park on Sacwiki

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  1. I didn’t know there was an Airstream Park in Bisbee. Pretty pathetic I’ve never been there when I’ve lived in AZ for over 30 years. I’m getting the urge, though…

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