van Gogh’s Starry Night Like You’ve Never Seen It

Starry Night Recreated
by David Goldberg
Union Hardware
7800 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, MD*
– Wendyvee

* affixed to the Norfolk Avenue side of the store

This is another wonder from my recent recovery of files from my old computer (circa 2013). As it happened, this “wonder” wasn’t on my ever-expansive list of things to capture – but a wrong turn in Bethesda yielded my discovery of one of the coolest permanent installations I had ever seen. Locals tell you to rub the knobs for good luck. I suppose I may have gotten the magic sequence wrong … I did some of crystal stars but no diamond has appeared in the almost 4 years since (see placard below for the complete list of “wishes” supposedly granted). It never hurts to try (as long as you carry hand sanitizer with you).

To read more about hardware entrepreneur David Goldberg, see this article from Inhabitant. If you’re interested in details of the wall, click the image of the placard below.

A lot of overstock and a little artistic inspiration can go a long way.

2 thoughts on “van Gogh’s Starry Night Like You’ve Never Seen It

  1. Wow, that’s pretty amazing! Bummer about the diamonds. Maybe you rubbed the Italian Chrome Lever instead. Surely you’ve had a sumptuous pasta dinner since 2013!

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