Sterlina The Cow

Sterlina The Cow
(pictured at the Fulton County Fairgrounds)
Wauseon, Ohio
submitted by “Jo,eh”

wendyvee says:
Jo grabbed this shot of “Sterlina The Cow” at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio.

Sterlina is a 14′ fiberglass cow (fabricated in the mid-70’s) that once served as a mascot for the Sterling Dairy (and later the Sterlina Pride Dairy Cooperative).  She played quite a role in the rise — and fall — of this small town dairy. Unfortunately, the Sterlina Pride Dairy Cooperative went out of business (again) in early 2010.

Check out this short documentary about the first two phases of the Sterling Dairy (Stirlina’s role begins at about the 5 minute mark)

6 thoughts on “Sterlina The Cow

  1. I’m from Australia where BIG THINGs are built as tourist attractions in and of themselves. I’ve been to the Giant Rocking Horse and the Giant Crayfish. I think I may have been to the giant wool bale. There are also a giant earthworm, the big bannana and the big pineapple.

    1. I’ve seen pics of the banana and crayfish before … way, way cool!

      I’d love to have some entries from Australia. Think of me on your next trip 🙂

  2. Unfortunately Sterlina Pride went bust I think, so I don’t suppose the cow gets used much anymore.

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