90,000 Dog Tags = One Giant Dog

“Sun Spot” Sculpture
Denver Municipal Animal Shelter
1241 West Bayaud Avenue
Denver, Colorado
submitted by “Scubapiggy” (Helen)


I found found a few pics for you. This one is a 20+ foot tall dog made of DOG TAGS – it is in front of the Denver Animal Control office – the tags move in the wind, and they have poles with lights all around it so it is lit up at night.

Wow. I love him! Check out Helen’s great picture below – plus, I located a great time-lapse video of the sculpture’s creation and installation.

Helen sent a fabulous collection of “wonders” to me … stay tuned for more over the next few weeks!


According to the Denver Municipal Shelter’s website:

Sun Spot is a three-piece public art sculpture was installed at the new Denver Animal Shelte.  Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan, environmental artists based out of Seattle, Washington, were awarded the Sun Spot art commission through a competition held by DOCA in 2010.

The primary piece is a 25’-tall iconic dog sculpture located at the southeast corner of the site, adjacent to the South Platte Trail and visible from Interstate-25.  The sculpture is made from a structural steel skeleton overlaid with stainless steel mesh that is covered with over 90,000 individual stainless steel pet tags.

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