Susquehanna Lady Liberty

Replica Statue of Liberty
Susquehanna River
(near) Dauphin, Pennsylvania

Traveling along Routes 22/322 on the eastern shore of the Susquehanna River north of Harrisburg (or along Routes 11/15 on the western shore) … you have to stay alert or you might miss a very cool roadside wonder. Standing proudly atop a platform (remaining from a bridge that has been gone for over 100 years) is a 25-foot tall replica of the Statue of Liberty!

George Stilp, a well-known name in Pennsylvania political activism, built an 18-foot Lady Liberty in the mid 1980s. It turned heads and made headlines because of its location and the materials from which it was built. His original creation was fabricated from venetian blinds! A few years later, the statue was in serious need of repair due to storms. Stilp and a group of volunteers rebuilt the statue (using more robust materials) and raised the size to its present size of 25 feet.

Taking pictures of the statue creates a challenge. Since the redesign of the Dauphin-area stretch of Rts. 22/322, there is only a narrow and fairly dangerous breakdown lane on the side of the road — and a large amount of vegetation that obstructs the view. I’m going to take some additional photos later this year from the western shore (maybe adding a little “zing” to the view with autumn foliage?).  Update: click here for the west shore view!

Peeking through the trees to catch a glimpse of Liberty

View further east — with a conspicuous amount of South Central PA smog 🙁
The highway visible along the base of the mountain is Rts 11/15