The Gold Miner

The Gold Miner Auburn, California submitted by “Butterfly” and “Kamikaze” (Amanda & Steve) Amanda says:  Another Ken Fox statue; this one is known as “The Gold Miner”.  wendyvee says: I’m so glad that Amanda and Steve submitted this one. The previous Ken Fox statues that we posted are some of my favorite “wonders”!   Amanda: America’s Next Top Roadside Model 🙂      *...

Giant Indian Warrior

Giant Indian Warrior Steele Realty Elk Grove, California submitted by “Butterfly” & “Kamikaze” (Amanda & Steve) Amanda highlights this statue’s “attributes”   : ) Visit Steele Realty’s site for a sketch of the Indian and other oddities on the property Tags: Butterfly, California, Dr. Ken Fox, Indian, Kamikaze

Coolie Statue

Coolie Statue Auburn, California photo credits: left:”Kamikaze” (Steve) right: “WingLust Wendy”  Another of Dr. Ken Fox’s statues (an Auburn dentist and sculptor now in his 80’s). Fox sculpted it as a tribute to Chinese workers who labored so harshly on the Transcontinental Railroad in the 1800’s. Learn more about the term Coolie here Tags: California, Dr. Ken...

Amazon Women of Auburn, California

Amazon Women of Auburn Auburn, California submitted by “Kamikaze” (Steve) Dr. Ken Fox, an Auburn dentist with a flair for concrete has decorated the town with his highly stylized statues. wendyvee’s note: These gals are my favorite “big girls” on the site to date. Thanks Steve! Tags: California, Dr. Ken Fox, Kamikaze

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