Now That’s A Huge Fiddle!

Giant Fiddle Fiddletown Community Center Fiddletown, California “Butterfly” (Amanda) Amanda says:  The Fiddle is appropriately placed in the very tiny town of Fiddletown, California – off Fiddletown Road. It’s about 6 miles from the intersection of Shenandoah and Fiddletown Road just outside of Plymouth, California. The large fiddle, which I’ve been told is supposed to be the world’s largest,...

Now That’s A Big Fiddle

Big Fiddle Harvey, cure New Brunswick submitted by “Jo, discount eh” This big fiddle was built to honour Don Messer, whom every Canadian over 35 will know. He had a TV show for many years.   Big Fiddle Trivia  (Jo is the one on the left --- the tall one for a change!) Tags: Canada, fiddle, Jo, musical instrument, New Brunswick

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