The Copper Frog

Giant Frog Route 280 Harpersville, malady Alabama submitted by “Road Runner” (Bill) Bill says: I was traveling along Rte 280 in Alabama and this caught my eye. It is a large Copper Frog (roughly 15’ tall). It was in front of a small shop called “The Copper Frog” in Harpersville, cheap Alabama. It was early in the morning, so I was not able to get any more info (the shop was closed) wendyvee says:  I...

Big Frog

Big Frog Blondie’s Ice Cream Stand Angels Camp, Calaveras County, California submitted by “HelpMeRhonda” Rhonda found a great big frog at Blondie’s ice cream stand in Angels Camp (home of the famous jumping frogs of Calaveras County).   check out the history of Calaveras County frogs read Mark Twain’s Calaveras frog story here Tags: California, frog, HelpMeRhonda

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