Giant Sandals

Giant Sandals The Kai-Kai Sandals Shop 910 Duval Street Key West, Florida submitted by: submitted by “Froggi” (Donna) & Stu Donna says: Key West is known for warm weather, cure water, story and flip-flops. Check out this giant flip-flop outside the Kai-Kai Sandals shop in Key West, Florida! wendyvee says: These might be just the thing for Hugh Mongus on his birthday (although as giant as they are...

Ginourmous Watermelon

Ginourmous Watermelon! Green River, Utah submitted by “Froggi” (Donna) Donna says: While staying in Green River, Utah, we had to snap this photo of a giant watermelon. Green River is known for its melons! LOL! wendyvee says: I would love to go to Green River’s Melon Days some year! Don’t miss Froggi’s other great finds! Click the “Froggi” tag at the end of this post 🙂 Tags:...

New “Green Technology” Motorcycle

The Harley Davidson Cafe’ Las Vegas, Nevada submitted by “Froggi” (Donna) Donna says: A quirky motorcycle seen outside the Harley-Davidson Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chia Pet anyone? Tags: Froggi, motorcycle, Nevada, Stu

Even The Shirts Are Bigger In Texas

Giant Shirt & Gloves Ozona, Texas submitted by “Froggi” (Donna) wendyvee says: Froggi’s back with a giant shirt that she & Stu stumbled upon in a truck stop in Ozona, Texas! If anyone knows the story behind this — please let us know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to check Froggi’s other great finds by clicking the “Froggi” tag at the end of this post...

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