Hugh Mongus the Gorilla!

“Hugh Mongus” the Gorilla Ocean Breeze Waterpark 849 General Booth Boulevard Virginia Beach, Virginia submitted by: “MikeP” wendyvee says: Mike is back with a new 60′ friend …. Hugh Mongus! Hugh greets visitors to the Ocean Breeze Waterpark in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This is one big fella’. Just look how tiny Mike’s bike and the surrounding trees are in comparison!...

King Kong & A Pink Cadillac *Updated

King Kong & Humpty Dumpty The Pink Cadillac Diner Natural Bridge, Virginia submitted by “Jo” & wendyvee, and “FleeterClaye” update!: Claye comes to the rescue and fills in my “lost photos gap”. She kindly shares a shot of the front of the Pink Cadillac Diner and the Humpty Dumpty that I mentioned in the original post!   wendyvee says: Jo & I grabbed a shot of the King...

Queen Connie The Gorilla

“Queen Connie” The Gorilla & The VW Pioneer Auto Sales Brandon, Vermont submitted by earlbear Earlbear captured one of the funniest roadside attractions I’ve ever seen 🙂 It’s “Queen Connie” the Gorilla proudly holding a VW aloft. Why? Maybe this will explain things. Tags: earlbear, gorilla, Vermont

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