Best Hood Ornament Ever

Simply The Best Hood Ornament Baton Rouge, Louisiana submitted by “Jo” wendyvee says: Jo snagged this most excellent specimen of a hood ornament during a trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2006. Check out Jo’s other great finds (grab a snack … she’s one of our most prolific contributors!) 🙂 Tags: Jo, Louisiana

Frog Capitol of the World!

Rayne Frog Murals Rayne, Louisiana submitted by “Runner” (Barb) Barb captured two great murals in Rayne, Louisiana Barb says: Frog murals abound in the town of Rayne, the self-proclaimed “Frog Capitol of the World.”  The city earned its reputation by breeding and selling frogs to french restaurants all across the United States. Visit Rayne’s website too learn more  Tags: Louisiana,...

Aluminum Diamond Plate Motorcycle

Aluminum Diamond Plate Motorcycle Baton Rouge, health Louisiana submitted by “Jo,eh” Jo spotted this scoot re-fitted with aluminum diamond plate! Tags: Jo, Louisiana, motorcycle

John Deere “Chopper”

John Deere “Chopper” Spotted at Mardi Gras submitted by “Guam” (Carla) Guam says: My sister sent me the only pic she was able to get of the John Deere Bike. She only had her long lens for her camera that day, since she was hoping to get close-ups of the Mardi Gras parade floats and riders and she couldn’t get far enough back to get a whole pic of the bike. I think it looks cool...

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