Glooscap, the Mi’kmaq God of Creation

Glooscap (Kluscap) Statue Glooscap Heritage Centre Truro, Nova Scotia submitted by “Jo,eh” Jo spots another perfect “Big Guy” for RoadsideWonders! The Glooscap Heritage Centre website explains that: Kluscap (Glooscap) is an Abenaki word meaning “Man from nothing”. Glooscap, the first human, was created out of a bolt of lightening in the sand and remains a figure that appears in many of...

Giant Blueberry!

Giant Blueberry Oxford, clinic Nova Scotia Canada submitted by “Jo, eh” Jo says: I got this GIANT Blueberry in Oxford, Nova Scotia. Oxford is the Blueberry Capital of Canada! wendyvee says: If you are in the area, check out The Wild Blueberry & Maple Centre too!   Tags: blueberries, Canada, food, Jo, Nova Scotia

Wilmont Inukshuk

Tire Store Inukshuk Wilmont, Nova Scotia submitted by “Jo,eh” Inukshuk are really retro! 🙂  Jo found this one outside of a tire store in Wilmont, Nova Scotia! You don’t know what an Inukshuk is? Let me educate you. Tags: Canada, Jo, Nova Scotia

Big Fisherman

The Cove Motel Auld’s Cove Nova Scotia, Canada submitted by “Jo,eh” Jo captured this BIG fisherman in front of the Cove Motel.  According to The Cove’s website: The Mariner stands 16 feet tall and weighs nearly nine tons, including the granite it stands on. He was carved by Gilbert Leblanc from trees cut on Cove Motel property. Visit The Cove online Tags: Canada, fisherman, Jo,...

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