Get Your Kicks at The Rock Cafe

The Rock Cafe 114 West Main Street Route 66 Stroud, Oklahoma submitted by “rats_daor” (Gary) Gary says: The inside of the cafe was completely destroyed several years ago, but it has taken the path of the phoenix and risen up from it’s own ashes. Really good German food and buffalo burgers! wendyvee says: I haven’t seen The Rock Cafe since I drove out west with my grandparents <mumble, mumble...

Route 66 Shoe Tree

Route 66 Shoe Tree Stroud, Oklahoma submitted by “rats_daor” (Gary) wendyvee says: Yay!  A brand new member of the RoadsideWonders family! Gary adds the Route 66 Shoe Tree (in Stroud, Oklahoma)  to our shoe tree collection! Other Shoe Trees in the RW collection: The Highway 50 Shoe Tree The Amboy Shoe Tree Gary also shared another legendary Route 66 fixture that I’ll be featuring in just a bit 🙂 Do...

Shattuck Windmill Museum

Shattuck Windmill Museum Junctino of Hwys 283 and 15 Shattuck, Oklahoma submitted by “Runner” (Barb) wendyvee says: Barb stopped in for a photo opportunity at the Shattuck Windmill Museum in Oklahoma (you might recognize her motorcycle … it has made several appearances on roadsidewonders 🙂 ). The museum features 51 vintage windmills on 4 acres! I visitied the museum’s website earlier and...

The Blue Whale of Route 66

The Blue Whale Old Route 66 Catoosa, pilule Oklahoma submitted by “Runner” (Barb) The Catoosa Blue Whale has a history that includes love, anniversaries, children, community and a famous Indian Chief artist to boot! Read more about the Catoossa Blue Whale Tags: Oklahoma, Route 66, Runner, whales

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