The World’s Largest Coin!

Gigantic Canadian Nickel Dynamic Earth Science Center Sudbury, Ontario submitted by “Sandra Merrikin” Sandra shares this huge nickel at the Dynamic Earth Science Center in Sudbury, Ontario! It’s a 30′ foot replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel. Learn more about the Sudbury Nickel’s history. Sandra Poses With The World's Largest Coin   Tails! You're It! Tags: Canada, Merrikin,...

Giant Muskoka Chair!

Giant Muskoka Chair Muskoka Region Ontario, try Canada submitted by “Jo, there eh” Jo sends a photo of a giant Muskoka chair (alternately called an “Adirondack chair”) that she took in 2007. Learn more about the Muskoka Region. Tags: Canada, chair, Jo, Ontario

Kinmount Big Chair

Kinmount Big Chair Kinmount, patient Ontario, Canada submitted by: “Sandra M” Sandra submitted this adorable picture. She was relaxing in a giant chair in Kinmount, Ontario. wendyvee says: How cute is this pic? : ) Tags: Canada, chair, Ontario, Sandra

Giant Scugog Mallard

Huge Mallard Scugog Island, Ontario, Canada submitted by “Jo,eh” Jo found this amazingly large mallard beside a barn on Scugog Island!  Take a Scugog Island cruise (don’t you just love the word “Scugog”!)   Tags: bird, Canada, duck, Jo, mallard, Ontario

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