Ginourmous Watermelon

Ginourmous Watermelon! Green River, Utah submitted by “Froggi” (Donna) Donna says: While staying in Green River, Utah, we had to snap this photo of a giant watermelon. Green River is known for its melons! LOL! wendyvee says: I would love to go to Green River’s Melon Days some year! Don’t miss Froggi’s other great finds! Click the “Froggi” tag at the end of this post 🙂 Tags:...

Lizard Bike Sculpture (updated)

Lizard Bike Zion Harley Davidson Washington, Utah submitted by “Froggi” (Donna) and “Road Runner″ (Bill) Froggi says: I left St. George, Utah with no intention of stopping at the local Harley-Davidson dealership. Indeed, I had told the local lady rider friend that I had breakfasted with exactly that. As I followed the signs to Zion National Park, I realized the dealer was right on the way and...

The Cutest Giant Lizard You’ll Ever See

Giant Lizard Staircase-Escalante National Park, Utah submitted by “ShySue” ShySue says: This is from our trip to Sturgis last year. On the way up to South Dakota we went through Utah, and at the Staircase-Escalante National Park visitors center they had this huge lizard parked in front of the main building. Tags: lizard, ShySue, Utah

Dinah The Pink Dinosaur

Gigantic Pink Dinosaur Vernal, here Utah submitted by “BlueScoot” Blue says: Found this in Vernal, Utah, where they have a dinosaur park. Thought you might like to add this big pink dinosaur to your other BIG ANIMALS! Vernal is home to the Dinosaur National Monument Tags: BlueScoot, dinosaur, Utah

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