Get Your Kicks . . . at the Wigwam Motel

Wigwam Motel (old Rt 66) Holbrook, Arizona submitted by “CA Dreamin” (Adrienne) The Wigwam Motel is still alive and kickin’. John Lewis even keeps some vintage cars parked out front – just the right tacky touch! Visit the Wigwam website for history & reservations!   Tags: Arizona, CADreamin, motels, wigwam

Cave City Wigwam Village

Wigwam Village Cave City, pharmacy Kentucky submitted by “Jo, no rx eh” Jo snagged a lovely shot of the Wigwam Village Motel in all its tacky splendor!  Visit Wigwam Village Tags: Jo, Kentucky, motels, wigwam

The TePee Gift Shop

TePee Gift Shop Cherry Valley, pilule New York submitted by “wendyvee” During my little mini-vacation in New York state, online I found “The TePee” on Rt 20. I imagine that this place was a touristy hoot back in the day. The proprietress was cheerful and very friendly. Rt 20 in New York is mega-quiet and peaceful . . . when I shut my bike off in the parking lot, the silence was “deafening”! Visit...

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