Fly-Fishing Boot

Fly-Fishing Boot Alpine, sovaldi sale Wyoming submitted by “SolarTJ” (Marsha) Marsha says: I saw this cowboy boot in Alpine Wyoming. It sits at at a combination gas station/fly shop. Notice the flys and their names on the toe of the boot! (click pic to enlarge) Tags: boots, SolarTJ, Wyoming

Cheyenne’s Big Boots

Cheyenne Big Boots Cheyenne, Wyoming submitted by “Runner” (Barb) Runner visited 2 of the Cheyenne “big boots”!                                                                              Visit the boots’ official site! Tags: boots, Runner, Wyoming

Even More Cheyenne Boots!

Cheyenne Big Boot Cheyenne, order Wyoming submitted by “Sandinmyboots” (Paula)  Paula says: We found this outside the Best Western in Cheyenne, find Wyoming.  I read an article that they were scattered throughout town (an art project of some type maybe?) but this was the only one I found. This one was covered all in mosaic tiles. Visit the official site of the big boots . . . and click the...

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