Taste of Hamburg-Er Festival

“Taste of Hamburg-Er” Festival
Hamburg, Pennsylvania


I traveled north to Berks County this weekend for the 7th Annual “Taste of Hamburg-Er” Festival in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

My goal was to capture 2 things: the “Mooing Contest” and the “Hamburger Eating Contest”. Well, your intrepid reporter was met with failure on both parts. The schedule for the mooing contest was changed (thereby causing me to miss it) and I had to leave before the hamburger-eating event. Despite those failures, I had a pretty good ride to the festival and I enjoyed some good eats!

It was rather larger than I expected (about 5 blocks in a semi-spoke formation) and if you want to eat … you’re going to eat a HAMBURGER, Dammit! The town of Hamburg is serious about the theme of its festival. There are a few kiddie games, some entertainment, and a handful of craft vendors … but the focus is seriously on hamburgers. Organizers only book food vendors who serve hamburgers (no pizza, no chicken, no hot dogs etc., allowed). If you attend, you’ll have your work cut out for you in passing dozens of hamburger stands and choosing just the right one.


Below Is My Favorite Moment of the Day

This lively pair was singing and playing … and they even brought instruments to share! She had the loveliest smile (which, unfortunately I didn’t capture very well) and he was really jamming on that accordion.

Check out the duct tape on that suitcase! I’m guessing it has made more than a few public appearances over the years 🙂


Hey, Isn’t That???
Reba McEntire fans were treated to “Marie” and her Reba Tribute show. I have to admit … she has Reba’s mannerisms down pat and she’s a good singer to boot.


A Good Time …
All in All, it was a nice ride to the festival and I had a good time. I’ll be back next year to see if I can catch some mooing contest action 🙂  Stay tuned over the next few days — I have some cool signs and buildings that I captured while in Hamburg!


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5 thoughts on “Taste of Hamburg-Er Festival

    1. I wish I had a better picture of them! I was videotaping them and had to use a screenshot in order to post a photo (by the time I switched my camera back to photo mode there was a giant crowd in the way!)

      They were so much fun. The only shot, that I took, that I really liked at the festival was of their “instument suitcase” 🙂

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