The Charcoal Pit

The Charcoal Pit
2600 Concord Pike
Wilmington, Delaware
submitted by “wendyvee”

I spotted the Charcoal Pit in Wilmington, Delaware last summer while scouting out some other “Wonders” in the area. It wasn’t a planned destination — but when I passed the Charcoal Pit, I immediately did a U-turn and came back for a look at their awesome sign!

I loved everything about that sign, including the almost “Flinstones-Esque” font. I had already eaten lunch, but an elderly couple in the parking lot told me that I couldn’t leave without some of the “The Pit’s” famous ice cream. Respectful of my elders, as always, I went inside and had the best milkshake I’ve ever had!  I really want to stop here the next time that I’m in the area — the menu is awesome and the atmosphere really makes you feel like your dining in another era.

Delaware has some really great RoadsideWonders – click the Delaware link at the end of this post to see more of them 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Charcoal Pit

  1. That place looks great! “Unplanned” Wonders are the best ones, I think. The whole thing where the journey is just as fun as the destination, especially when you take the less-traveled roads and are always keeping you eyes and mind open to unexpected things. As I’ve ranted about previously, I get annoyed/offended when people in the car aren’t looking out the windows. They’re missing so much!

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