The Flying Circus Aerodrome (updated!)
5114 Ritchie Road
Bealeton, Virginia
submitted by “wendyvee”, “Suz”, and “Ice”


update:  Deb & Suz were kind enough to share some of their aerial pics from Sunday. Now you can see how incredible the “wing walker” was …. he had no straps or other equipment to tether him to the plane. Crazy!  See him below and also in the gallery at the end of this post. Thanks, Ladies!


wendyvee says:
On Sunday, I rode down to Bealeton, Virginia (brrrr!! it was cold on the bike!) to meet my good friends Ice & Suz at the Flying Circus Air Show!

One of the few remaining barnstorming shows in America, it features parachuting, aerobatic maneuvering demonstrations, and some wing walking that will blow your mind!

By the time that I arrived the sun decided to appear and the weather for the show was great. I intended to capture parts of the show on video but changed my mind when I spent more time fiddling with my camera than watching the show. Below is a sample of of some pics I took at the end of the show. Next summer, I’ll endeavor to take more (and better) pics to share with you. I also want to visit the Rhinebeck Aerodrome in New York. I didn’t make it there this year … so cross your fingers for me to make it there next season.

I recommend the Flying Circus for all ages. Much of the show is geared toward little ones, so it is an excellent destination if you have children in your family.

If you go …
The Flying Circus performs on Sundays (May through October) and also holds special events — including an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in August. They are in the process of building a Flying Circus Museum that will be open all year. The show runs about 1 1/2 hrs and it’s a better bargain than most live events … even cheaper than a night at the movies! If weather permits, visitors can purchase a standard or aerobatic airplane ride before or after the show. When I visit again — that’s what I’m going to do 🙂

Check The Flying Circus website for hours and ticket prices.

Bonus Points if you can tell me in the comments section below … from what movie is the quote on this nose art? It was one of my father’s favorite “quotable” flicks.

The “Red Baron” signing autographs at the end of the day … he provides comic relief during the show.

6 thoughts on “The Flying Circus Air Show

  1. That quote would be from “The Right Stuff!! OK, I cheated and googled it, but in my advanced stage of memory loss that’s the best I can do!! 😉 great pictures, thanks for posting. We live right down the street from this thing and I’ve never gone. Some things don’t make sense.

  2. Have you been to the Mid Atlantic Air Museum in Reading? I’ve tried to check it out twice and missed it.

    You have a good air museum in Delaware too!

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