The Gemini Giant – Old Route 66

spaceman“Gemini Giant”
Launching Pad Restaurant
Wilmington, Illinois
submitted by “BirdDog”

BirdDog says:
The Gemini Giant stands proud at the Launching Pad Restaurant in Wilmington, IL- along the old Route 66 path (now IL Rt 53). My wife’s great uncle John Korelc (or his family ) owns the place; and has since they opened it back in the 50s.

He is one of I think 5 similar figures originally meant to be used for a lumber yard figure resembling Paul Bunyan holding an axe. The lumber yard never worked out and these fiberglass figures were bought up by roadside diners along the old Mother Road and remodeled to fit their themes.

I think he’s about 20-22 ft tall holding a 6 ft rocket, which has been stolen many times in his life — and retrieved twice.    


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