The Georgia Guidestones

georgiaguidesThe Georgia Guidestones
Elbert County, Georgia
submitted by UrbanDragon (Scott)


Scott’s back with a really cool find!

It’s the Georgia Guidestones – a monument for new age sensibilities “in the middle of nowhere”. It’s a 20-foot slab structure with inscriptions in eight languages.

Wikipedia has some interesting facts about the Georgia Guidestones


3 thoughts on “The Georgia Guidestones

  1. OK, this is funny. I was recently listening to a podcast about the Georgia Guidestones and I started to wonder, “Has Wendy heard about this, because it would be a nice addition for the awesome Roadside Wonders website?” … And it turns out that you DO have a post, and — drum roll — I posted a comment on it five years ago! … While “South” isn’t the direction that intrigues me the most for potential future road trips, this American Stonehenge is really up there on my list of places I’d like to see some day.

    1. Good thinking LOL
      I’m glad that Scott sent them to me. I’ve been geographically very close to them several times; but always in a time crunch to be somewhere else.

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