The Grapecrusher

The Grapecrusher Statue
Intersection of Hwys 128 & 29
South End of Napa Valley, California
“Butterfly” (Amanda)

Amanda says:
This is the Napa Valley’s most famous landmark – The Grape Crusher. 

Located at the intersection of Hwys 128 & 29. I just wish we would have known that there was a cow dressed like Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch just down the road but we didn’t find out about that until after we got home 🙁

wendyvee says:
I love him! I must admit that I would have been nuts for the Norma Jean cow too!

According to the Mirage Resort & Spa website: The bronze “Grapecrusher” statue was created by sculpture Gino Miles and was erected in 1987.  The statue is dedicated to the workers who labor in the vineyards. 

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7 thoughts on “The Grapecrusher

  1. I live in Napa and my husband and I drove up to the vista point. We were very surprised that there was no plaque or no recognition of the person who constructed the statue. There was also no explanation given of the purpose of the statue. I think this would be beneficial to Napa Valley. Come on people………..

  2. The sculpture was created by Gino Miles in 1986 and it was dedicated in 1987. Gino Miles made the sculpture in recognition of the 200 year anniversary of planting the grapes! It is a tribute to the workers at the vineyards and the field hands that worked so hard and a celebration of great wine!

    Gino Miles is having a retrospective show in Santa Fe at Beals & Abbate Fine Art on April 26th! He will be featuring the maquette of the “Grape Crusher” for the first time during the show!

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