The Last Thunderbeast

The Ghostly Reminder of Thunderbeast Park
Hwy 97 Chiloquin, Oregon
submitted by “Butterfly” (Amanda)

wendyvee says:
No, the “Last Thunderbeast” isn’t the latest B-grade fantasy movie. 
First, I’ll let Amanda fill you in below …. 🙂

Then, hop over to the Smithsonian’s website for a 1958 family snapshot of another of the Thunderbeasts!

bonus: Amanda’s mother submitted one of my earliest entries back in 2006. Check out Dinah the Dinosaur!

Amanda says:
This giant creature is located right off of Hwy 97 in Chiloquin, Oregon. This is the “last” remnant of the old Thunderbeast Park. 

This prehistoric beast is in very poor condition. It’s supposed to be some type of dinosaur, but you actually can’t tell because of its deterioration. Plus, as you can see, the new owners of the “park” are a trucking company that placed their sign directly blocking the beast. But this is a very historic landmark to those in the area and they have fond memories of Thunderbeast Park.  This“last” standing relic is very symbolic to them. 

I used quotes for “last” because I have it on good authority that there are actually more still standing; however, they’re on the private property of the new trucking company and the statues are very hidden in the woods. Some people have managed to sneak back there to get a glimpse, but there are now guard dogs on site … so I thought it best to not go dinosaur hunting!