The Mystery Hole
Ansted, West Virginia
submitted by “Slicks″ (John)

wendyvee says:
John visited the Mystery Hole, in West Virginia during the summer of 2009. Though I asked him to stop here on his way from Pennsylvania to Kentucky – I’m awfully jealous that he got to experience this wonderfully tacky attraction without me. (Of course, now I’ll just have to plan another trip to West Virginia …. poor me 🙂 ) This place is a perfect example of American tourist “kitsch”. 

A series of underground rooms, adjacent to Hawks Nest State Park in Anstead, The Mystery Hole bills itself as “The Place Where You’ll See Gravity Defied”! According to John, even if you aren’t completely “mystified” by the exhibits & demonstrations, the talented and witty tour guides are well worth the price of admission and then some!

There are a number of surviving “mystery” spots, holes, caves etc., thoughout the country …. do you have any childhood memories of visiting one?

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