The Rabbittown Rabbit

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Rabbittown Rabbit
Rabbit Town Cafe
Rabbittown, Georgia
(near Gainesville)
submitted by UrbanDragon (Scott)

Scott says:
Riding up Georgia State Road 369, just northeast of Gainesville, an observant traveler may notice a friendly figure waving to him from the side of the road at the front of a small strip mall. As you take a second look you realize that you’re being greeted by a twenty foot tall rabbit. You’re in Rabbittown, a small community that was once home to a commercial rabbit farm, a food source that helped stretch family budgets back during World War II when other meat was scarce.

The friendly bunny has been welcoming folks wandering through the area since April 10, 1993 when it was sculpted from styrofoam and coated with a fiberglass mesh and stucco.

– An article regarding the creation of the statue back in 1993.

– Another article about the rabbit (great profile of the sculptor)

wendyvee says:
How cool is this bunny rabbit?! It totally made me giggle when I saw his “Power To The People” paw in the air 🙂

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