The Reading Pagoda

pagoda2The Reading Pagoda
Reading, Pennsylvania
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originally posted 3/10/10 — updated 7/01/10

Director M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender opens this weekend. Observant fans of the Reading Pagoda will spot it (and the nearby hillside) featured in the movie — though I have it on good authority that they are surrounded by quite a bit of CGI.

Read more at The Reading Eagle website:
Last Airbender Has Lofty Ambitions

While I was going back through my archive of photos in preparation for moving the site to its new home, I came upon something that predates the old website and was never posted. So, without further ado . .  . The Reading Pagoda! (of course dear readers, should you wish , you may add additional “ado” if it makes you happy)

This 100-year-old Reading landmark (and former hotel) rests majestically atop Mt. Penn, providing a great view of the city (and the winding road to reach the top is pretty fun)

Visit The Pagoda 

below: Roadside “Wonder-ers” Slicks, Allen, and Tami strike a pose at the Pagoda

7 thoughts on “The Reading Pagoda

  1. What a neat idea for a site. It’s a great way to document your travels and all of the fun and creativity that you encounter. I love it!
    lhoelle at swapbot

  2. Reading just spent some $$ to restore the Pagoda.replaced the lights with LED.A movie was just filmed there.they have been working hard on making it a nice place again.

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