Williams Grove Flea Market
(formerly Williams Grove Amusement Park)
1550 Williams Grove Road
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania


*note: the flea market inside the park no longer operates. The Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association (adjacent to the park) is still held every Sunday from dawn – 2pm

Williams Grove Amusement Park closed in 2005 (87 or so years after the first rides were added to the picnic grove). About 3 years ago, the former grounds became the host of a weekly flea market. Even though I hadn’t been to the amusement park for years … I hesitated visiting the new flea market. I knew that most of the rides had been auctioned or sold in 2006/2007 and I wasn’t sure how I would feel about seeing the park in its present state.

The original Williams Family began having picnics and social activities at this site as early as the 1850s. Ownership changed hands several over the years and it grew into a pay-per-ride amusement park in the late 1920s. Across the road from the park entrance, the half-mile Williams Grove Speedway (which is still in operation) was built just prior to World War II. The park endured its ups and downs throughout its lifetime: the grounds suffered floods throughout the years due to its proximity to the Yellow Breeches Creek. Competition from Hershey Park and other regional venues didn’t help matters. By 2006, the owner was in his mid-80s and unable to find someone to purchase the park and keep it operational.

The flea market is held every Sunday from dawn until 2 pm. The Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association also holds a flea market during the same hours on their adjacent property (you can easily park at one market and walk to the other). Below are some of the images I captured last weekend. (the full collection is in the gallery at the end of the post)

It’s sad to see the days of the amusement park are over … but life goes on. Be sure to check the related links to read more about Williams Grove and view images of the park when it was still a hoppin’ place 🙂

A view of the Yellow Breeches Creek
(from the bridge between the Speedway and the old park)

Spring-fed pond with island gazebo inside the park … it was in better shape than I would have guessed.

Initially, I thought that this was the carousel shelter … but I found that a few minutes later. So, I’m not sure what this one was for?

I’m not sure of the origins of this Church … but, believe it or not, it was briefly used for LAZER TAG!

No one purchased the Cylone Roller Coaster. It looks lost and forlorn … but the cars look practically brand new!

I believe that this building was beside the “Dantes Inferno” dark ride (complete with pretzel cars). I remember that being the coolest ride in the park.

 I thought that I would recognize the Bumper Car building, but I didn’t. If you are familiar with Williams Grove … perhaps it is in one of the pictures in my gallery below? (update: see Tony’s comment below)

> Williams Grove Speedway

> Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association

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119 thoughts on “The Remains of Williams Grove

  1. The bumper car building that you referred to in you last comment was completely torn down by the end of 2008..

      1. I worked for the park from late 99 till it closed in 2005.. I was saddened as well that the park is gone.. When I walk in there on a sunday for the flea market, I get a sicking feeling in my stomach knowing that the coaster and so many other things are sittin there empty.

        I seen your pics of the waterslide. That also was just sold of and the remains are completely gone.. 🙁

        I seen the post here from “Fun Time Partners”. Id love to see that happen! 🙂

        1. I know what you mean … I had the same feeling while walking through the park.

          I am really shocked that the Cyclone cars are being left to rot. The track, yes, but the cars?!

          1. Hey there again. Everywhere I go and see write ups about this park I hear the same thing… “I wish It was still open” or “I can’t believe its sitting there rottin”.. We would like to change all that!! But we need help.. Public opinion is a strong tool.. Check us out on our website http://www.wix.com/funtimepartners/amusements On our website is a open forum.. Please feel free to add any comments!! Hope to hear from all of you!

        2. Tony, thanks for the memories, I have many of them. I used to go to the park when I was very small, late 40’s I think, perhaps early 50’s, my mom had a cottage on the yellow breeches inside the park. I wanted to know, are the cottages still there? They all had cute names, ‘Dew Drop Inn’ I recall. We fished right behind my mom’s cottage, caught a very large trout on opening day (April 15th?) one year, probably out of the pond and escaped into the river. Anyway, if you get this, you could give me an update on the park, thank you, Terry

  2. We are a company that are attempting to purchase this park with the intention to rebuild it and restore it.. Any ideas and info on the park would be helpful. Along with public support is greatly appreciated. Thank you

    We can can be reached via email at [email protected]

    Thank you again and hope for the best.

  3. These photos have really brought back some memories. I moved to Williams Grove (from in town Mechanicsburg) in 1976 and live there pretty much until I was 18. I was a volunteer for the Monroe Fire Company (junior member) which had its station at the time right across Park place from the park’s main entrance. I remember riding my bicycle through the park to get to the station for meetings, training and even fire calls. At night it was creepy but I have fond memories of the park being open and the gloomy feeling when the season was over each year. I remember when the water slide had just been built and was all new. One of my best friends was Tommy Holveck, son of the magician. Tommy was also Sunshine the clown in the magic show and a great friend. The park was a great backyard and I can smell the cook outs and hear the announcements “Alfee, call the office.” and the screams from people on the rollercoaster like it was yesterday.

    1. I remember Tommy as well. I felt bad when their dog(a Saint Bernard) jumped out the window of their camper and hung himself. I worked there as chief Electrician for almost 5 yrs. It was the most dangerous and the most fun job I ever had. John Terry(The Cadillac Kid) [email protected]

      1. hi everyone i just bought one of the 6 carousel horses at a antique shop im looking to restore it its yellow and brown under that paint its a blueish gray the dealer said it was from the 30s does anyone know what kind it is i bought it because my wife went there as a child in the 70s an rode the horses an we took our kids there in the 90s was a great place really miss it if any one can send me pics of horses on carousel it would be greatly appricated

  4. Thank you for the site, I used to go here EVERY year for my birthday. It was the only thing I wanted growing up, lol. The picture you said you thought was the carousel…I’m positive that is the building. It was located near the Cyclone. “oldshells3 & oldshells4” were the place they held the magic shows. The playhouse is in the bottom set of your images. I had never been in that building, but I remember my mom telling me she saw Loretta Lynn in concert there.

    1. I’m glad you found my post, Jean!

      So, my initial thoughts about the carousel building must have been correct because that it is right beside the Cyclone!

      Just the other day, someone told me that she remembers Jerry Reed playing inside the playhouse … so, yep, it makes sense that your mother saw Loretta Lynn there too 🙂

      1. and Bill Anderson, Roy Clark, Buck Owens, Floyd Somethingorother too. My Mom loved living so close to the Playhouse and being able to see her favorite country and western starts. Later years of my life in Williams Grove it seemed they were no longer having such concerts there or I was oblivious. I recall these happening in the late 70’s and perhaps early 80’s. I am really glad this site is here so we can all talk about those days. Really is bringing back some great memories.

  5. Yes, I remember Mom had an 8×10 of the picture under the glasstop of her coffee table along with other pictures, kind of like an open photo album. That’s long gone too. 🙁
    The “williamsride2” is pretty much the same picture I took with my cell phone after the auction was over and all the rides were gone, except the Cyclone. If you look closely at the pic, above the blue strip at the bottom of the picture is the circular “step” we used to climb onto the carousel. I remember there were some kids that jumped on and off during the ride too, to avoid giving tickets if they didn’t have the wristband, lol. I remember there was also a ferris wheel near the carousel, back when I was a kid, many years ago.
    Pretty sad going to the steam shows now, unless you’re into yard sales all over the place. The steam show was the signal for the park to close for the year, til Memorial Day.

  6. Hey Folks! I went to Williams Grove and struck a deal with the manager Justin Loh, to buy the Pretzel dark ride, which I dismantled 2 yrs ago and brought back here to Middletown Ct. There will soon be a VERY extensive article on the history of the park,dark ride and the future of the ride itself on Laffinthedark.com. For those of you sad to see that old ride gone, I’m sure you’ll be happy to see that it’s being completly restored to its’ original form pre-1985! If you need to reach me, write me @ [email protected]

    1. Chuck, you just made my day! For some reason, I have been really down in the dumps lately thinking about the fate of Williams Grove. My 2 favorite rides were Dante’s Inferno and the Allotria Fun House.

  7. Remember when the fire department siren was mounted under the top of the pull-up hill of the roller coaster? On Saturdays at noon it would go off and of course by surprise when there was a fire call. I feel for anyone who was on the climb at the time as it was LOUD and must have added to the terror if you did not know what it was. I was on it one time as the car climbed the hill and the siren was activated. You could feel the sound waves through the wood, tracks and car. First thought was that it was some kind of trouble alarm for the coaster. Nearly wet myself since it was before I joined the FD.

    1. thanks for reminding me about the Fire Department Siren on the top the pull-up hill of the Coaster. Just reading about I can still remember when it would go off it was a reminder for us kids to go and check in with our parents at the tables to eat or go get ready to go home.

  8. My parents, who grew up in Dillsburg/Clear Spring, went to Wms. Grove in their courting days (late 20s, early 30s). Every Labor Day weekend while we were children, we were taken to the Steam Engine Festival and allowed to run at will throughout the amusement park (you got a bracelet which enabled you to get on any ride all day).
    Later on, we took our own kids to the park — same experience (70s and 80s). It was safe — you could let them run. We’d usually set a time — be back here when the 1 o’clock whistle sounds from the stream engines. The roller coaster got a little scary in its last years and the miniature golf game was all wrinkled, but nobody was much bothered.
    I really miss it. I cannot go back there and look at it now.

  9. What a shame!! That park was such a huge part of my childhood. I spent many summer afternoons there durring my childhood. My Grandfather was orignally from that area, and would take me there. I have such wonderful memories of that park. I always wanted to take my own children there one day….. It wasn’t a huge park, but it had personality, and it will be royally missed!!

  10. I remember going to William Grove park every summer with my grandfather. he worked for the Landis Tool Company and they would hold their company picnic there. I have so many wonderful memories. I was so sad that the park closed. the one of the building Shop2 was the building that sold Waffle Ice cream sandwiches if I remember right that was round the late 70’s. I wish it still open because I would have loved to have taken my 2 children there so they could have experience the joy that I had there when i was little.

  11. Going here as a kid was one of my fondest memories! My favorite ride was the water slides. I remember running into people who would get stuck in the middle. You just prayed that didn’t happen. My whole family would go and take food and stay the whole day. It was also very safe and you could just run around and your parents could just relax! I don’t know if I could go back and see it like that it would just make me feel bad. Kinda sad I can’t take my daughter there.

    1. Jodi –
      While it has a sort of haunting charm to walk around the grounds and remember where everything was … it is very sad to be there and know that it’s mostly gone forever.

  12. My uncle who worked at Letterkenny in Chambersburg always took us up there every summer for their annual picnic.My cousin and I rode the Cyclone over 70 times one day.I can still remember my headache.Sure seems a shame it’s just rotting up,but at least we have our memories of the park.

    1. Yep, the Cyclone is still beautiful in its own way. It looks as if you could just brush the track off, pound a few nails, tighten a few screws,and make it run a few hundred more times. A big shame … but, yes, a bunch of us still do have our memories of the park.

  13. I loved this park growing up. My family and I went there every year for reunions. I know that they have the flea market open on Sundays but are you allowed to go there during the week just to look around?

    1. Rayningwynter –
      I have only ever been there during the flea market or the steam engine show when the grounds were open. I’m guessing that they probably don’t like people to be in the old park on other occasions; but it’s probably possible to get permission.

  14. I was sadden to learn that the park had closed.it is where i had all my family get to gethers at .i wanted my kids to have the same fun that i did,bt now they eont because the park closed.i visted it and it made me sick to my stomack to see the cycloon in that shape. They care more about that stupid racetrack than they did about the park it self it has more history than the racetrack ever will im disappiinted about that

  15. Very interesting site.. Brings back a lot of memories !
    When I was a youngster, my dad, John Reichert would take me to Williams Grove everytime we were back in Harrisburg. When he was a youngster, he LOVED Williams Grove !
    His dad, John A. Reichert, a butcher in Harrisburg, built a cabin in the grove, called ” Shady Nook “, probably sometime around 1920. I have a nice picture taken soon after the cabin was built. The last time I was at the Grove, it was still there. That has been quite a while ago..
    My dad used to tell about taking a short cut, while walking to the Grove, across a Mr Harrs’s farm . He also said he went to school with one of the Richwine boys.

    Many other relatives named Enck lived very near the park.

    As they say ” things aways change “, but it is nice to have so many wonderful memories to cherish !

    1. I’m so glad you commented, Jack. Everyone seems to have such fond memories of the park.

      Would you believe that my grandparents used to have a cabin in Potter County and they called it “Shady Nook” too!

  16. I remember the magic shows they had and can also remember after the show you could get a box of cracker jacks. does anybody else remember the magic shows.

  17. Who owns the park now? I would love to get permission to go in and take pictures. I am an amateur photographer and I think the park is a beautiful place. I was only there once when it was open but I have been there for the flea market.

    1. She won’t allow anyone on the property.I contacted family so I could take pics was was told NO! So I had to sneak in to get them to preserve history.She needs to open the place up take gate down and let people walk through….

  18. I would love to see some photos of Williams Grove when it was up and running many years ago. I couldn’t figure out what link to go to to view it. I used to go to the park when I was a teenager over 50 years ago and I loved the park and especially enjoyed the roller coaster. Pls advise what the link is to see the park in its prime time.


  19. Thanks for the trip down my child hood it hurts me bad to see this almost like loosing a close friend .

  20. every summer the company my dad work for had there picnic there Landis Tool Co. from waynesboro…. we loved coming to that park it was a magical place,,, i am so glad that i got to bring my kids there.. it was a great place lot of happy times and wonderful memories

  21. My grandfathers also worked for Landis Tool Co.and as kids, we looked forward to the company pinics held there. It was such an exciting for us to come to this park. So many wonderful memories! Wish is was still there so I could bring my grandchildren to

  22. I went there every year as long as I can remember that park was like a second home to me I went up after it had close and sat in front of where the dark ride was and just cried. I wanted it to still be there for my kids. I do believe a local carnival had the octopus ride but they got rid of it it was down here at the carnival one year and the kid running it was having a problem with the seats opening so I showed him how to work it after being on it all the time you know how to do thing lol. ,

  23. Dantes Inferno still stands at the park…The pretzel cars are no longer there nor are the props however the building still stands along with the remnants of the track that winded through the building. I was just there on 7-13-2013 and took some great pics. Its amazing what a difference of three years makes. The Cyclone is still standing along with the coaster train but it is now being over run with weeds and trees. Such a sad condition to leave a park in..if you would like to see pictures… please let me know at [email protected]

    1. Tracy –
      Yep, I was over near the park a few weeks ago and noticed that the coaster track has really deteriorated quite a bit more since I took the pictures above in 2010. So sad.

  24. I enjoy reading everyone’s memories. My brother and I have ours, too. Many, many trips from Baltimore to Williams Grove – and Mom and Dad allowing us to bring our friends, too : ) Such a quiet, wooded park, so simple, but these are the memories that keep me going. I’m working on a scrapbook layout on the park – I was able to bring my daughter, niece and nephews here in 1996. They enjoyed themselves but I believe they were looking for something more..

    Is the flea market still in operation at the park? I may make a road trip up over the Labor Day weekend to see the tractor show, too.

    Thanks, everyone !

    Halethorpe, MD

    1. Arlene –
      The upper part of the old park is owned by The Williams Grove Steam Engine Association and they do still hold the flea market on that part of the grounds.
      The wooded park area proper (owned by Kathleen Hughes, the daughter of the late owner of Williams Grove)no longer allows vendors on her park property, however.

        1. It’s a bit more complicated than that from what I’ve been told; but I don’t want to start any rumors 🙂

          As far as walking through … there are no trespassing signs everywhere now … so it would be at your own risk.

  25. Okay… I got so excited about seeing photos and more memories coming to mind, I called my brother and he’s arguing with me that there never was a Wildcat ride… We both took my daughter there in 1993 and I don’t remember seeing it. Can anyone recall where it was in the park? It’s really cool that the ride was sold off to a fairly new park in Maryland. When you drive by on I-70, you see that Wildcat ride.

    Thanks everyone.

    1. After you crossed the bridge at the entrance, you would see the water slide towards you on the right. To get to the Wildcat, you’d make a right…from so many times going to the park, people would just automatically go to the left after crossing the bridge.

  26. There was a wild mouse ride if I remember correctly. And Arlene if you plan on entering the park, you need to do so across from the entrance of the speedway. If you try to get in the back way the engineers wont let you cross. I jumped the gate at the front entrance there was a race that day and all the traffic and staff members were caught up in the racing events. It is highly posted with no trespassing signs, however, I couldn’t resist. I didn’t drive 3 hours to not get the pictures that I planned on taking.

  27. I use to go there every year as a kid for a fieldtrip for school so we are talking 70’s. If I remember correctly there was a haunted house that you rode through in rickety little carts that was near the base of the roller coaster? I also think I remember a fun house that had a large cylinder that turned as you went in or came out….gosh its been so many years but that amusement will always hold a special place in my heart.

  28. That sounds very familiar !

    I also seem to remember a very large wooden cylinder that was to the left, after you crossed the bridge coming into the park, where a motorcycle rider would ride around the inside walls of the wooden cylinder, with the floor many feet below him. It was VERY noisy when he was riding around. This must have been in the late 40’s or early 50’s.
    I remember the ” shooting gallery ” when I was very young, and going to the park in the winter, after it closed for the season, and picking up the used 22 caliber shells.
    I thought they were a real treasure !

  29. Has anyone entered the park on a week day? I used to go there as well as a child and I’m also interested in photographing…I’m not unfamiliar with trespassing abandoned areas but any info helps with “Entering at your own risk”

  30. Does anyone know if the train is still in the park or if it has been sold. I saw a youtube video that had the train in it. Went up there today and saw the gate on the bridge. Pretty serious about the no trespassing stuff. Also said Closed Circuit Cameras. There was a large sign that said private residence. Does someone live there now?

    1. I was wondering if you have any photo of Williams Grove before the 1972 Agnes Flood? I am particularly interested in the front of the old “Laff in the Dark” ride that featured Laffing Sal out front and center. This became Dante’s Inferno after the flood, but that was not the original look of the place.

      Thank you.

  31. As a little girl,my mom and dad took me to williams grove amusement park many times! I have such fond memories of that park. Its sad to see the park the way it is today. My husband and i decided to go to the flea market on sunday so we could walk thru the park to bring back our memories, however we were so disappointed to see that we could not gain access to the park because it was chained and no trespassing signs were up. Oh well at least we still have our memories of once a great park!

  32. I worked there when I was 17 in 1972 right after hurricane Agnes flooded the park. I ran the laugh in the dark ride. Met a lot of people and enjoyed the job. I remember long hours. My favorite time in the park was the 4th of July with fireworks show and the Granger convention when the old steam engines came. What Fond memories of my youth its a real shame how time changes things never to return to what it once was.

    1. Mr. Burnham,

      You are the only one I have seen that remembers the park before the 1972 flood, and especially the Laff In the Dark ride, which they really messed-up as Dante’s Inferno. Do you by chance have any photos of the old Laff in the Dark ride — especially with Laffing Sal that stood in the middle of the two moving clowns with monkeys on either side? Laffing Sal and I go way back to the late 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. If you have any photos of Laffing Sal and the Laff in the Dark Ride — please let me know.

    2. Mr. Reed,

      In reading through the comments I see you worked at the Laff in the Dark ride before the 1972 Agnes Flood. Would you have any photos of that ride before it was changed into Dante’s Interno . . . particularly if you have any of Laffing Sal that stood in the center. The laughing woman, that terrorized kids. 🙂 I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Very sincerely yours, Russ Page

      1. If you want to see/hear Laffin Sal, you can go to MJ’s Coffee House at the Allen Theatre on the Main Street (rt.322)in Annville PA. If you ask the guy, he will turn it on for a minute or 2.

        1. Actually I have a CD with Sal’s actually sound track that I bought on line. It brings a smile when I hear that laughter. . . .

  33. Breaks my heart this closed. My first memory of it is when I was 9 or 10 and went there with my dad for his company picnic. However, I first went there with my parents when I was a baby. Since I was so young, the bottom of my baby shoe was stamped. It still says Williams Grove Amusement Park on it. My son first visited Williams Grove when he was 3 with my mother and grandparents. He loved it. In 2001 my friends, my grandparents and I took him and a friend there to celebrate passing the first grade. He rode his very first roller coaster there. He was just 6 years old. In 2002 my 2 friends and I took our combined 4 children there for a day. We picniced on the grass and my friend’s son took his first amusement park ride here…on the swings. He bawled at first & then we couldn’t get him off. He was 4. We couldn’t keep the kids out of the fun house either. They did laps around it. We began a yearly tradition of single moms picnic Memorial weekend there. It was a place we felt safe letting the kids run. We put our blankets on the grass just down from the water slide near the creek. We set up our coolers and food baskets, spread out and went back and forth all day. My son was 7 then, almost 8. I now have a 2 y/o grandson and it saddens me he will never get to experience this place. I wish someone would restore it, reopen it. The price was great, it was safe, we could picnic and cook out. I get sad just thinking of the memories made there.

  34. I too have many fond memories of spending summer days with my friends at the park. I was just there today (in the snow) taking pictures of what is left from the side of the Speedway. It’s posted No Trespassing and watched by video so I stayed on the bridge. I really enjoyed all the pictures I’ve seen here and some other websites. I never got to the flea market but hope they still have it in the Spring. Anyone else from the area remember the beautiful abandoned Mansion that sat on the hill between the park entrance and the Speedway? I used to go in it and I think it was at least 3 stories with bay windows and the works. I loved that house but it’s been gone for a long time now. I’m currently taking photos of things before they are gone, like so many farms where I live now, and one of the last Drive In Movies. I wish I had my own pictures of the park but we take for granted that places we love will always be there. If anyone has any information about who owned that mansion on the hill above the firehouse please let me know. I’ve tried to search the Park owners name and a hundred other ways. I have memories of watching the races from the roof of that house, and hearing them from my house every Friday. I know this is about the park but I thought some of you who still live around there may know something. Even if it’s just and idea please reply.

    1. Hi Cathy. I moved to the Grove in the mid seventies when I was 12 and remember that old mansion. I played in it many times and recall it being about three stories tall. It must have been something in its day. I always wondered about its history too. My Assumption is that it must have been part of the park/speedway owner history but I could be wrong. It did overlook Williams Grove so could it have been where the name came from? Anyway, If I discover anything I will pass it on. I live in NYC now.

      1. OK, Just remembered the Williams Grove name came from John Williams who buildt a house Along Williams Grove Rd at the Yellow Breeches Creek turn. SO it was not the namesakes house.

        1. Thank you very much for sharing your memory of that house. I will try looking at the Cumberland County Historical Society for info on the Williams family. I know it all started with picnics they had in the late 1800’s and grew from there to the park. There was another “Williams” mansion which was just the form to make it a historical landmark but the map shows it down past the trailer park toward Dillsburg. I’m a member of the CCHS so I can’t wait to get to the library now to see what I can find. If I find any pictures I’ll let you know. Thanks again!!

  35. I was looking at pictures and videos of this park what a shame that it’s just sitting there and falling a part what going on with it is anyone trying to buy it or fix it I would love updates on this park and find away to bring back to life

  36. I used to go there when I was a kid, my dads place of employment would have their shop picnic’s there. When I was old enough to drive my friend n I would go there, cause it was close to home and a cheap place to have fun. Then I had my first child I took her to the park. It was a nice place to go.

  37. Thanks for the article and the pictures, Wendy. Williams Grove was a fun part of my life growing up. It’s a piece of amusement history that the borough gov’t never should have let be closed. The borough gov’t should have stepped up and saved it, but everything is about money nowadays and not what’s good for the people or the community. RIP Williams Grove, sure am missing you! I would have loved to be able to bring my grandchildren there.

  38. I was so sad when I first heard they closed years ago. I came here when I was young too and made so many memories. I remember getting bruises from the roller coaster but I still got on it again and again. I wish I could have taken my kids there.

  39. Hi Wendy : )
    I’m still missing Williams Grove, too. Is there any way you can send me the article mentioned in above comment? I would greatly appreciate it.



  40. I remember as a child going weekly to the amusement park. $10 a day for ride and waterslide wristbands, you couldn’t beat it! Williams Grove was my first job, I worked in the cafeteria over the last summer it was open. Funnest job I’ve ever had, and I wish the park was still open today. Now a mom of two young girls who would love it as much as I did, but no way can we afford $50 a person to go to Hershey Park! Thanks for all the good memories WG!

    1. who owns the property now, start a go fund me page to raise money to bring back the park !

  41. Can you go there to look around without asking permission?? I would love to go with my father, he’s always talked about it!

    1. Kayleen –
      Unfortunately not. Since they stopped having the flea market on the grounds, there are No Trespassing signs all over the place. I believe they even have security roaming around now from time to time.

      1. My family owned Hollingers meat products and supplied the park and track from the 30’s until they closed the business in the 80’s. Can’t tell you how many times I went with my father and uncle on deliveries. Really grew up at the park and track. At least the track lives on

        1. Mike, my family owned the Grove and Speedway from the 30’s to 1972. I knew Bob Hollinger well; loved his hot dogs. Dad took me to visit the plant in Bowmansdale one day and watched as the pigs went through the scalding process. A process I’ll never forget! We went through a ton of Hollinger Hot Dogs on Nickle Days at the Grove. I’m still addicted to hot dogs.

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