The Shoe of Shoes!

Shoe Sculpture
Brown Shoe Company
Clayton, Missouri
submitted by “Jo,eh”

wendyvee says:

OK Kids, this sculpture is so ridiculously-full-of-awesome that I might have to stop adding new “wonders” indefinitely! How can it be topped?!?

Check out this shoe sculpture composed of, well, SHOES! It is located in front of the executive offices of the Brown Shoe Company in Clayton, Missouri. Brown has numerous product lines, from high-end to budget categories. I remember getting Buster Brown shoes when was little (I can’t recall the actual shoes; but I sure remember the cool shoe boxes that they came in!) Jo mentioned that the shoe resembles a pile of fish from a distance … and I have to agree with her. 

You know, if some artist out there in InternetLand is moved to create a sculpture of a big pile of fish in the shape of a high heel; I’m game to display it on my front lawn! 🙂