TePee Gift Shop
Cherry Valley, New York


During my little mini-vacation in New York state, online I found “The TePee” on Rt 20. I imagine that this place was a touristy hoot back in the day. The proprietress was cheerful and very friendly.

Rt 20 in New York is mega-quiet and peaceful . . . when I shut my bike off in the parking lot, the silence was “deafening”!

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2 thoughts on “The TePee Gift Shop

  1. It’s a bit late but I just stumbled across your thread. I’ve been stopping at The Tepee since 1996 when I rediscovered it during a roadtrip across NY state. I remember stopping here as a young kid while on a road trip to some eastern vacation destination. The current owners (the Latellas) are really nice folks and are dedicated to preserving the legacy of The Tepee. During the 1950’s & 60’s places like this were fairly common along the highway. Not any more. How many roadside attractions like this can you find these days? A great place to stop, great food, and great view.

    1. I have to agree … it was a wonderful find and the “Mr. & Mrs.” were both so sweet.

      She was working in the gift shop and he was out in the camper making hot dogs and chatting with visitors.

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