The Rockville Bridge

The Rockville Bridge
Stone Masonry Arch Railroad Viaduct
Marysville/Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
submitted by: “wendyvee”

Quite often when I drive/ride past a “roadside wonder” on a regular basis, I forget just how remarkable it is. Such was the case with the Rockville Bridge until a few weeks ago.

As I was cruising along the eastern shore of the Susquehanna River (on my way back from visiting Lady Liberty), I stopped in Fort Hunter Park to admire the bridge and watch some trains make the trip across. It really is a marvel!

Many locals (and books) refer to the bridge as “The Longest Stone-Arch Bridge in the World”. Technically speaking … it isn’t (and you can find out why in the links below). But I’m not techically speaking here. I’m just impressed 🙂

The air pollution was just plain nasty on the day that I snapped these pics — perhaps I’ll stop by again on a clearer day to re-take them.

Do you have an unsung “roadside wonder” in your area?
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Some very nice ladies were enjoying the view from Fort Hunter when I stopped

I saw a handful of guys carrying djembes down the path to river (at the bottom of the picture below). I could hear them drumming before I left.

The view from about a mile closer to the bridge
(from here you can see the telecommunications cables strung alongside the bridge)

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  1. This reminds of a bridge I cross close to Route 66 in Oklahoma that was used in the movie “The Grapes of Wrath”. I have a picture of it somewhere, but it was really neat. But I like your stone bridge find much better. 🙂 It’s like the old stone aquaducts that the Roman Empire built in Europe.

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