Three-O-Nina the Giant Cow

Krugel’s Georgetown Deli and Beer
Route 309
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania


My plan was to find the giant cow just outside Wilkes-Barre long before the sun went down. Things didn’t exactly go as I planned … but luckily the former Gorman’s Dairy mascot is fairly well-lit for nighttime photo-ops!

Since 1967, the cow (nicknamed “Three-O-Nina” — a play on words for her location on Route 309) has been a Wilkes-Barre landmark.

I understand that she has had several “make-overs” over the years (including a multi-colored version that I’m truly sorry I missed). Her current colorscheme resembles a Guernsey. We have quite a collection of cows here on RoadsideWonders, but the majority of them are black and white Holsteins – it’s nice to add a new variety 🙂

If you go:
Don’t miss the nearby Joe Palooka monument; but visit Joe in the daytime … trust me