Tire Pro Muffler Man

Muffler Man
George Boyd & Sons Tire Pro
3495 Norman Berry Drive
East Point, medicine Georgia
submitted by: “Road Runner” (Bill)

Bill says:
Found a Muffler Man while travelling through East Point, ask Georgia. He is in front of a Tire Pro store. Instead of holding a muffler, diagnosis he is holding a tire.

wendyvee says:
Kudos to Boyd & Sons for taking care of this great big guy. Nothing makes my day like adding a new Muffler Man to the collection. Thanks, Bill!

7 Responses to “Tire Pro Muffler Man”

  1. Fuzzygalore says:

    crazy eyes AND levitating!

    He’s like a magic muffler man!

  2. We have a muffler man that looks like Alfred E. Newman on our list of things to check out on our big road trip – if I could only remember what state he’s in! I’m thinking Beaumont TX. Time to hit the maps anyways- we leave tomorrow!

  3. Southwest says:

    He looks like the lumberjack statue outside the Skydome at Northern Arizona University. Is that where this came from?


    • wendyvee says:

      No, but probably the same manufacturer. Many were produced decades ago for businesses to use for advertisement. The Paul Bunyan models generally held mufflers, tires, or other items in place of an axe.

      Over the decades, some were restored and moved to various locations. The one at Northern Arizona University most likey once stood at a business along Route 66.

  4. Matt Smallwood says:

    Yes, what some people call the Muffler Man, with a tire on his hand. Nice. Did it have to be bolted on the hand? Surely, it did. Way too dangerous to just let it rest there?

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