click to read Trahlyta's marker

Trahlyta’s Grave

click to read Trahlyta’s marker

Trahlyta’s Grave
Stonepile Gap
(near) Dahlonega, Georgia
submitted by UrbanDragon (Scott)


Scott says:
Heading into the North Georgia mountains just north of Dahlonega on US Route 19/GA Route 60, you come to a pile of stones where the two highways separate.  You may drive by a few times without seeing the historical marker, not realizing that you’ve just passed the grave of a Cherokee Indian princess-  Trahlyta.


wendyvee says:
Apparently, you shouldn’t mess with Trahlyta’s final resting place.
According to  Twice men have attempted to move the grave during road construction. Both times at least one person died in an accident while moving the pile. The stone grave remains today in the same place it has always been.

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