Vintage Neon – Molly Pitcher Waffle Shop

Molly Pitcher Waffle Shop Sign
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
submitted by “wendyvee” & “Slicks” (John)

I have always loved this sign, just off the square in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. I captured this shot while attending the Chambersburg Ice Fest last weekend. I really love the “pinkish” glow 🙂

After a lap around the festival, we ducked inside the Molly Pitcher to escape the bitter cold. I wanted to grab lunch (Slicks had already visited the chili cook-off, so he just wanted coffee), but the unfriendly greeting that we received — coupled with the anticipated long wait for a $12 cheeseburger — put a quick end to that notion.

Perhaps the staff was frazzled by the extra traffic generated by the festival? I suppose I’ll give them another chance the next time that I’m in Chambersburg.